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Meet Buddee. 

We’re changing school lunches for good. 

Buddee is putting spreads back in lunchboxes

Buddee opens the door to over 4 million school lunchboxes across Australia.


Australia is the allergy capital of the world. On average 1-2 children in every school classroom suffer from severe food allergies. This has led to a nut-free policy across Australian schools, which means no peanut butter or choc 'hazelnut' spread.


Buddee exists to fill this gap. We are for every lunchbox, every child, every home.

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Find your 

Favourite Buddee Flavour

We're obsessed with all 3 but the chocolate has a special place in our heart. 

I'm School Safe

Welcome to your new favourite spread!


Buddee is school safe (nut free) and so delicious that we wouldn't judge you for eating by the spoonful – we certainly do!

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